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October 2013

More than ever, colleges and universities must change and adapt, making board of trustee governance more challenging than ever.

February 2012

To meet the challenges currently facing it—chief among them, to remain viable in an era when traditional sources of funding such as state funding and tuition are decreasing or reaching their market limits—higher education depends on its leaders’ capacities to deal with current challenges, envisio

June 2011

This paper summarizes a survey of university endowment funds, with a particular focus on the composition of endowment investment committees and how this composition is associated with a number of key activities.

February 2010

In the aftermath of the corporate crises of the last decade academics, market participants and politicians worldwide have engaged in inquiries and debates to identify the root causes of the crises and design reforms to prevent their recurrence.

November 2009

How boards, presidents, and faculty engage one another in institutional governance speaks to the health of a college or university, but appropriate participation of the three is not easily achieved.

June 2001

In order to maximize investment performance, some institutional investment managers, such as TIAA, continually monitor the performance and policies of the companies in which they invest.