Fellows Program

Fellows are nationally recognized thought leaders experienced in matters of importance to TIAA and those we serve.

A community of experts

The Fellows Program is integral to achieving the TIAA Institute’s mission. Institute Fellows are nationally recognized scholars and higher education administrators with deep expertise in the areas of financial security (including lifetime income and retirement security, retirement plan design, and financial literacy and capability) and higher education leadership (including innovation and financial sustainability, academic workforce trends, and institutional governance and risk management). Membership in the program is by invitation.


The role of a Fellow

The Institute places a premium on rigorous research that addresses critical issues impacting individuals and institutions. We also prize effective communication of the knowledge created by our research. To these ends, Fellows:

  • Conduct Institute-sponsored research and write related reports
  • Draft thought leadership whitepapers published by the Institute
  • Speak at Institute symposia and forums, and sometimes partner with us to organize them
  • Suggest ideas for future research studies and convenings
  • Serve as judges for Institute-sponsored awards


New Fellows in 2018

On the occasion of the TIAA Institute’s 20th anniversary, we are pleased to welcome to our Fellows Program eight noted experts in financial security, higher education and endowments and foundations:

  • Liliana Garces, associate professor, University of Texas at Austin
  • Manuel S. González Canché, associate professor, University of Pennsylvania
  • Damon Jones, associate professor, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy
  • Melinda Sandler Morrill, associate professor of economics, North Carolina State University
  • Kenneth E. Redd, senior director of research and policy analysis, National Association of College and University Business Officers
  • Genevieve G. Shaker, associate professor of philanthropic studies, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Ning Tang, associate professor of finance, Fowler College of Business of San Diego State University
  • Marvin A. Titus, associate professor of higher education, University of Maryland


Fellows Emeriti